Craft Spells – Idle Labor

19 Apr

Craft Spells – Idle Labor


1. For the Ages
2. Scandinavian Crush
3. The Fog Rose High
4. Party Talk
5. From the Morning Heat
6. After the Moment
7. Ramona
8. Given the Time
9. Your Tomb
10. You Should Close the Door
11. Beauty Above All

Craft Spells is a band from Seattle by-way-of Stockton, California. The band consists of Justin Vallesteros (Vocals), Frankie Soto (Guitar) and Fonso Robles (Drums). Craft Spells have also released the ‘Party Talk’  7″ and ‘After The Moment’ 7″. When you hear this album you’ll feel as if the last 28 years never happened. Making music for us kids who love, but never got to experience the 80’s. Their sound is somewhat of a throwback to New Wave of the era. They are a band that proudly wear their influences on their sleeve. When you listen to Idle Labor you can hear they draw heavy Influence from New Order with vocals that sound alot like Morrissey. You can clearly see the New Order influence in their album cover with the homage to New Order’s ‘Power, Curruption & Lies’. If you’re like me and love 80’s music then you will love this album.

For fans of: New Wave music, New Order, Cut Copy


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