Rifle Men – Treewolf Is Dead EP

20 Apr

Rifle Men – Treewolf Is Dead EP



  1. His & Hers
  2. The Lake’s Alive
  3. Mirror and Lights
  4. Caroline
  5. Westerners
  6. Berlin

Rifle Men is Anthony Gerbino and Daniel Gdula. They are signed to Cantora Records the same label that put out MGMT’s Time To Pretend EP, and they are label mates of Bear Hands. One of the EP’s strong points and my favorite song is “The Lake’s Alive”. The band does a great job of combining electronic with folk music throughout the EP. The songs sound a lot like the early songs of MGMT. For some reason this EP makes me get the feeling of being in the woods or at a lakehouse. Even though I’m not much of the camping type, I think this EP would be the perfect soundtrack to anyone’s camping experience.

Stream “The Lake’s Alive” Here:

For fans of: MGMT


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