WAVVES – King of the Beach

21 Apr

WAVVES – King of the Beach



  1. King of the Beach
  2. Super Soaker
  3. Idiot
  4. When Will YOu Come
  5. Post Acid
  6. Take on the World
  7. Baseball Cards
  8. Convertible Balloons
  9. Green Eyes
  10. Mickey Mouse
  11. Linus Spacehead
  12. Baby Say Goodbye

WAVVES is a surf pop/punk band fronted by mad dank smokin’ Nathan Williams, with help from Billy Hayes, and Stephen Pope (aka Jay Reatard’s former band). WAVVES is currently signed to Fat Possum records. King of the Beach has an overall up beat beachy feel to it. On the songs “Baseball Cards” and “Mickey Mouse” you can hear that Animal Collective has had some influence on Williams. This was the first release from WAVVES that I’ve found to be listenable. His first two albums being  Wavves and Wavvves which I found both had entirely to much distortion and reverb to be enjoyable. On this release he goes for a more poppy sound. Call it “selling out” on William’s part if you will, but I would just say he’s making better music. You could describe King of the Beach as what Blink 182 would sound like if they were Nihilistic habitual weed smokers who made Lo-fi music.

For Fans of: Best Coast, Black Lips


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