Cut Copy – Zonoscope

22 Apr

Cut Copy – Zonoscope



1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I’m Going
4. Pharoahs And Pyramids
5. Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia For The Future
7. This Is All We’ve Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner Of The Sky
11. Sun God

Zonoscope is by far my favorite album that has been released this year. Mainly because Cut Copy embraces all of the best synthpop of the 80’s in this album. Zonoscope doesn’t sound like an album that came out in 2011 so much as it sounds like a “best of the 80’s” compilation. Some may find Cut Copy’s sound on this album a bit over the top cheesy, (along with 80’s synthpop in general) but I am not one of those people. This is the kind of music I absolutely live for. My only complaints would be the instrumental song “Strange Nostalgia For The Future” (mainly because I hate instrumentals) and the 15 minute long closer “Sun God”. I start losing interest in a song no matter how good around the 6 minute mark, and that’s exactly where “Sun God” should’ve ended. After that point the song didn’t have much to offer besides a boring (undanceable) arpeggiated synth loop. Other than those two little things, this album is pretty close to perfect in my mind.

For fans of: Synthpop, LCD Soundsystem, The Human League, Men at Work


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