TV Girl – TV Girl EP

22 Apr

TV Girl – TV Girl EP



  1. On Land
  2. If You Want It
  3. It’s Not Something
  4. I Don’t Care

This is an EP that made it onto my own personal “Best of 2010” list. It was released 10/21/10 by the San Diego duo; Trung Ngo and Brad Petering (aka TV Girl) via their bandcamp up for free download. This EP has a really laid back feel to it that I would say falls under the Glo-fi/Chillwave label. My favorite track of this EP would be “It’s Not Something” which is about a girl that he likes to mess around with, but she sees it as something more than it is. He has to tell her: “Before you tell your parents Oh, there’s something you should know; It’s not nothing, but it’s not something. Yeah, we had some fun, but it’s not something, no it never was.” This EP will leave you wanting more. I would say the future’s looking bright for TV Girl and I’ll be anticipating a full length release from them.

For fans of: Teen Daze, Toro Y Moi, Small Black


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