Tyler The Creator – Goblin

10 May

Tyler The Creator – Goblin


Although Goblin is technically the second album from Tyler The Creator (the first being Bastard), it’s the first official release on a label. This album opens up with title track “Goblin,” and  just like Bastard, it has  Tyler talking to his “therapist,”  this time he’s talking about the stresses of dealing with success and fame and how his life has changed since he first released Bastard.

Then comes the song that everyone’s quite familiar with, “Yonkers,”  –video that for the most part, introduced the mainstream to his music. On “Yonkers,” Tyler continually contradicts himself, going back and forth with his alter ego “Wolf Haley.” Then comes “Radicals,” a song that starts with a ‘random disclaimer’ followed by chants of: “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school!” with the high energy of a punk song.

With the exception of “Transylvania,” the next three songs are pretty forgettable. Then there’s “Tron Cat,” which packs too many clever/funny lines to mention, one of them being: “Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome.” After that, there’s “Her,” a song in which Tyler gets serious and could almost be considered a “love song.” It’s one of the only songs where he talks about a girl and doesn’t say he’s gonna rape/kill her.

The next song is another familiar one, “Sandwitches.” For some reason, Tyler felt the need to add in a new, pointless, one-minute intro. “Fish” is basically made into two different songs, “Fish” and “Boppin’ Bitch.” The first half of the song is pretty uninteresting and the “Boppin’ bitch” half is just alright. Up next is “Analog,” which is another song that could initially almost be considered another love song, where he talks about meeting a girl down by a lake to have a picnic. That doesn’t last long, though; he gets back to the vulgarity on “Bitch Suck Dick,” whose chorus is just that — “My bitch suck dick, like she suck dick.”

Taco and Jasper Dolphin are also on this track, but Taco ruins it, sounding like a retarded seven year old who doesn’t contribute anything to the song.  This song is kinda funny but borders on fuckin’ stupid with it’s Waka Flocka/Soulja Boy feel — it’s not too surprising to hear the influence, considering that Tyler loves Flocka, and Taco loves Soulja Boy.  Tyler kills everyone on this track (lyrically  and literally). “Window” is a pretty boring song made by/for stoners (Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats) until it’s interrupted by a hyperactive kid (Tyler) who hasn’t taken his Ritalin.

By the time Goblin reaches the last song, “Golden,” Tyler has killed off his whole crew. In this song, he is just going off and rapping about all his problems (“Niggas sayin’ ‘Free Earl,’ without even knowing him/See they’re missing a new album/I’m missing my only friend”). This all leads up to a surprise ending in which you discover that this whole time, Tyler hasn’t been talking to his therapist; he’s really been talking to his own conscious via his alter egos (Tron Cat, Ace, and Wolf Haley).

For fans of: Odd Future


1 Goblin
2 Yonkers
3 Radicals
4 She Feat. Frank Ocean
5 Transylvania
6 Nightmare
7 Tron Cat
8 Her
9 Sandwitches Feat. Hodgy Beats
10 Fish/Boppin’ Bitch
11 Analog Feat. Hodgy Beats
12 Bitch Suck Dick Feat. Jasper Dolphin & Taco
13 Window Feat. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Frank Ocean
14 AU79
15 Golden


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