Blu – j e s u s ▲

18 May

Blu – j e s u s ▲



1. n e w s h i t .
2. w h a t i f i w a s
3. o n t h e p o r c h
4. l u c k y .
5. d m v
6. b u r g a n d y
7. 4 u
8. d o o w h o p +
9. b i r d z n b ee z
10. j e s u s
11. d o t h e k n x w l e d g e

Johnson Barnes aka “Blu” is a west coast (L.A.) rapper. He has released tons of material throughout the past 3-4 years. He’s released an album with producer Exile under the name “Blu and Exile” called: Below The Heavens, which is by far one of my favorite hip hop albums. He has also released material with producer Mainframe under the name “Johnson&Jonson”. On this album it’s just him under his name Blu. On this album Blu’s had some help from producers such as; Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Madlib and more.  j e s u s▲ sounds like it’s just some unreleased demos to hold everyone over until he drops his major label album NoYork! sometime this year. At least that would explain the lo-fi unmastered bedroom recorded sound it has. For some reason though, that low quality sound really fits this album, it goes great with the old school soul samples. The way I see it, Blu is a driving force in what is keeping ‘real hip hop’ alive. This isn’t Blu’s absolute best work, but this is a solid LP, considering it came unannounced and hasn’t been promoted in any way, he just decided to drop it out of the blue (pun intended). You can stream/buy the album here.

For fans of: Blu and Exile, Johnson&Jonson


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