The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Wayward Fire

3 Jun

The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Wayward Fire



  1. Stop!
  2. Devil Is A Lady
  3. Hold On
  4. Heartbreakin’ Scream
  5. Taste Of Heaven
  6. Matter Of Time
  7. Undercover
  8. Teenagers
  9. Ethical Drugs
  10. Tell Me
  11. Don’t Walk Away

The Chain Gang Of 1974 is the project of 25-year-old Kamtin Mohager who started out making music in Denver, Colorado and now resides in L.A. The Chain Gang Of 1974 have been around for about four years, but are just recently getting national coverage from the likes of; Spin, The Fader, and Brooklyn Vegan just to name a few. Kam has released two previous albums; Fantastic Nostalgic, (an album comprised of two of the early EPs: The Dirt and When The Apple Drops) and White Guts which were both released independently, under his own label (Golden Gold). Wayward Fire is basically just a re-release/add-on remastered version of White Guts (5 of the 11 songs on Wayward Fire are from White Guts), with 6 new songs for the proper release on his label Modern Art. The Chain Gang is on the list of; LCD Soundsystem and Cut Copy, among others that draw major inspiration from the 80’s. On this album the biggest influence you can hear is Tears For Fears. The standout tracks on Wayward Fire are; “Hold On”, “Matter Of Time”, “Undercover” and “Teenagers”. “Hold On” is a song that gets stuck in your head the moment you hear it, with a beat that’s hard not to dance to and Kam singing the phrase “Your love is all I have to hold onto”. “Matter Of Time” and “Undercover” both display some great synth and “Undercover” has a nice polished sound I haven’t heard on a Chain Gang song before. Then there’s “Teenagers”, a song that would’ve fit perfectly on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack. The album ends with the closer song: “Don’t Walk Away”. A song which I like to joke would be best suited for a dramatically cheesy montage of a kid running away from home in an 80’s movie. You can download “Undercover” below and the official Twin Shadow Remix here.

The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Undercover

For fans of: Tears For Fears, Talking Heads, The Psychedelic Furs


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