Flashlights – Hidden Behind Trees EP

6 Jun

Flashlights – Hidden Behind Trees EP



  1. Holidays
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Glowing Eyes
  4. Canoes
  5. Apple Trees

Flashlights is synth pop (Chillwave) duo Ethan Converse and Sam Martin from Colorado. Even though this EP has been on their Bandcamp for a while, today marks the official release date their label Binary has set. Hidden Behind Trees sounds like what you’d expect judging by the album cover. That sound being, on a tropical island surrounded by vintage synths. This EP starts off with the song that’s the highlight of Hidden Behind Trees, “Holidays.” It’s the poppiest of pop songs with standout melodies on top of tropical sounding synths. The Rest of the EP takes you to a spaced out dreamland with drowned out vocals, (in a good way) that’ll make you wanna dance and drift off to sleep all at the same time..

Flashlights – Holidays

For fans of: Chillwave, Sun Glitters, LexiconDon, TV Girl


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