Guest post: Justin Morales of Seabright presents his summer playlist

12 Jul

When I was asked to make a mix for Teenage Vulture a few weeks ago, I was really excited to put together something that would epitomize my feelings and listening habits for the summer. I think of the summer as a time to be nostalgic about previous summers and even summers from my childhood/adolescent days. For me, the perfect summer day is a late Sunday afternoon filled with bbqing, drinking a few beers and then chilling with friends and family watching an 80s teen comedy. Or it could be hitting up the beach on a random weekday while everyone’s still at work. Or maybe shopping for food in an air-conditioned supermarket and buying water guns with my cousins and friends.

These are my ideal summer memories, and the following mix is my ideal summer playlist. Included is 80s synth/new wave/soul stuff (Lisa Stansfield, Naked Eyes, Prefab Sprout), 70s/80s soul/funk/disco (Roy Ayers, Evelyn King), 60s soul/R&B (The Supremes, The Rockmasters), some psych/surf (The Ventures, Serge Gainsbourg, Love), some 90s hiphop (Jurrasic 5, Black Moon, The Fugees), a little reggae (Marcia Giffiths, Augustus Pablo), and some indie-ish stuff (The Softies, Lush). And of course it starts with probably my biggest musical heroes: Kraftwerk.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download: Seabright Summer Playlist


1. Kraftwek – franz shubert
2. Prefab sprout – goodbye luculle #1
3. Black moon – buck em down rmx
4. Lisa stansfield – all around the world
5. The softies – all in good time
6. The ventures – lolita yaya
7. The supremes – your heart belongs to me
8. Lush – lit up
9. Roy ayers – exotic dance
10. Inxs – need you tonight
11. The fugees – fugee la rmx
12. Evelyn king – just for the night
13. Serge gainsbourg – Soixante Neuf Année Érotique
14. Augustus pablo – meditation dub
15. Love – andmoreagain
16. Marcia griffiths – I need love
17. Naked eyes – emotion in motion
18. The rockmasters – raining teardrops
19. Jurrasic 5 – unified rebellion

–Seabright’s Feel Good is available for free, and you can also find “Sea Samba” in the our Summer Mix.


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